TEFL Accreditation

The TEFL Society is an independent accreditation body responsible for maintaining professional standards in TEFL/ TESOL distance learning programs that award TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificates and diplomas.

The same quality insured syllabus content, is covered by all TEFL Society accredited TEFL/TESOL/CELTA providers even if course methodology, approaches and delivery of course content may differ.

The TEFL Society ensures that accredited course providers maintain professional standards and regularly audits and advises course providers on updates and changes in the TEFL/TESOL/CELTA industry as to ensure that quality expectations are being met.

Being accredited by The TEFL Society ensures students, schools, and institutions world-wide of quality learning provided by regulated distance education providers.

Becoming Accredited

Becoming fully accredited by The TEFL Society means that the TEFL/ TESOL/ CELTA provider undergoes a stringent evaluation by our team members.

The TEFL Society will assess among other criteria:

  • The purpose of the distance learning institution
  • The standards upon which awards are provided
  • The qualifications, knowledge and training of staff in regards to The TEFL industry
  • The course development policy
  • The Application procedures
  • The ability of certificates awarded by providers to be authenticated
  • The ability of certificates awarded by providers to be used internationally
  • The course content meeting the needs of students
  • The feedback provided on the course by students

Becoming accredited ensures that students and their future employers across the globe are aware that the distance learning institution provides courses which meet internationally recognized standards and can be used for visa purposes internationally.

Members can choose to become fully accredited or to become an affiliated member.
To apply for accreditation please follow the link below and we will get back to with a detailed accreditation handbook.

Accredited Institutions

For a full updated list of our accredited members, or to find out if your institution is accredited by The TEFL Society, please send us an email.

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